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TN. District 93 (Write-In Candidate)

  • A vote for Michael A. Minnis is a vote for progress. As Tennessee State Representative for District 93 I shall advocate for the health and financial security of the citizens in District 93 which includes the Orange Mound and Binghamton communities. I am driven by my passion to help and I created a youth program as part of an effort to remove the glorification of drugs, gangs and crime. Teaching youth the value of discipline, teamwork, self-respect and to work hard and earn their own way in life. I am dedicated to improving the life quality of everyone in District 93.

I am Here For You

In the 1980s I started a mortgage company and helped many people obtain relief from debt burdens.

In the 1990s I implemented a welfare-to-work training program that trained and placed over 2,000 people in jobs.

In the 21st Century I created an urban farm that includes the first food pantry and indoor farmers market in the Orange Mound community that, to-date, continues to provide help to senior citizens, women with children and our youth.


I desire to use my creative abilities to be a benefit to homeowners, business people, senior citizens, the unemployed and the underserved. As the TN. State Representative of District 93 I shall work for the good of the people. Vote for Progress....Vote for me. As a Write-In Candidate on Election day (November 3, 2020) when you vote, you must write Michael A. Minnis in on the ballot for District 93 TN. House of Representatives. Thank You.

District 93 TN. House of Representatives

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Vote For Michael A. Minnis (Write-In Candidate)

Vote For Michael A. Minnis (Write-In Candidate)

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